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If you are ever in the city you have sadly seen many people on the streets in need.   We make it a point to always take with us some blessing bags and food blessings to hand out to those we see.  Just another small gesture to show them you care. 

A food blessing bag contains a simple lunch and drink and occasionally with some other necessities depending on the weather conditions as well (i.e. sunscreen, chap-stick, ponchos, etc.)

Our lunch bags typically contain a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, chips, cookie, water bottle and a wet wipe.  



Schools across the Lake County area have graciously accepted to set up a collection box in their schools for us.  

Throughout the year parents, kids and teachers will collect and drop off their used markers in these donation boxes.   

Once the boxes are filled we will pick up and pack all of the markers to ship them back to Crayloa where they will be re-purposed. 

Just another fun way to promote and explore eco-friendly practices.  

For more information visit their site here:


As part of a Government school project we brought awareness to students at our school regarding homelessness. 


Our project informed other students with geographical and statistic information within Lake County and also about the needs within the shelters as well. 


We received many donations of food and clothing which as a team we delivered to Food Banks and PADS organizations with our Lake County community. 

Donation Sticker.png
VHHS Pads Group.jpg
Madi at Kingswood.jpeg


With the opportunity to team up with the PADS organization I was able to find different locations to donate the blessing bags.  One of the locations I was blessed to be a helper at was Kingswood Church in Buffalo Grove. 

The volunteers I was able to work with that evening are hard working and selfless individuals who made everyone feel welcome. 


While handing out the blessing bags I was able to meet and speak with many wonderful people.  Blessings to them all!


Not only teaming up with the PADS organization but every time I find myself in the city I always carry the blessing bags in my trunk to be able to hand out.  

I find that our city of Chicago has the majority of of homeless individuals on the streets and in shelters.   

There are many reasons for individuals becoming homeless and all need to be taken care of and this is where I find myself handing out the most of these bags.

Chapel 1.PNG


I am a member of our Libertyville Chapel and am also aware of our church teaming up with the PADS organization as well.  

I volunteered my time to set up, serve dinner, clean up and hand out more blessing bags for those that were arriving that evening. 

I was the one who was blessed that evening to be able to be a part of something so wonderful.  


There are so many ways to help people in need.  We donate food, we donate money, we donate our time, but you can also donate your hair! 

I have donated my hair to the Locks of Love organization several times now and it is a wonderful feeling knowing that your donation helps create a hair piece/wig for someone. 

Tired of the length of your hair...consider donating!  You can find more information here:

Hair about to be cut.JPG


When Covid-19 became our pandemic, I instantly felt the urge to help protect everyone that I can. 

We are making and donating masks to all friends, family, essential workers, elderly or anyone who is in need. 

If you find that you are unable to find a mask to protect yourself, please email me and let me know...I would be more than happy to make one for you.  


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